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Alt Magazine
Illustrators/graphic designers/hand-letterers/fine artists collaboration

An alternative lifestyle magazine for women – featuring women’s interest stories, ethical style, healthy health and women-led contributions to film and literature.

They are looking for illustrators, graphic designers, hand-letterers and fine artists to contribute images to be featured alongside the articles.
With the boundless confrontation of images of “perfect” women in our day to day media they really want to move away from featuring young, thin, white women’s bodies and faces alongside an article telling us to celebrate our differences and love our curves.  They believe seeing flawless images alongside positive messages just serves to negate the words and message and I want to make a change and move away from that.   

Individuals retain full rights to their work, with full credit and images will be displayed as long as they would prefer. Their submission can also be included in their portfolios. 

Individuals are welcome to submit as few or as many images as they like and it will be at the editor’s discretion as to which image is used with which article. 

To submit artwork, e-mail with the subject line Art Submission.  Please note that artworks must be a minimum of 620 x 420 pixels. Please ensure that you include all information that you wish credited with your art (i.e. Instagram/twitter/website/full name, etc.).

For more info about submissions you can read the submission page on the magazine’s website or email

If you are keen to get exposure, you are invited to get in touch.

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