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The careers services provides a range of services to support you in planning your career effectively. These include:

  • Workshops and presentations on professional development
  • One-to-one career guidance
  • Up-to-date careers information, graduate vacancies and events on our website
  • Practical business advice and guidance to support new creative enterprises
  • Ongoing support given to graduates for up to three years


As a provider of higher education it is very important that we make our students’ transitions into the working world as easy as possible. The career services LCCA provides for students helps them to prepare for the world of work, and assists them with finding a suitable role within their chosen industry to step into once they have graduated.

Our career training and development programme is widely available throughout various different LCCA courses and all students are encouraged to participate. The programme focuses on highly practical tools and initiatives that help optimise recruitment opportunities.

Employer events, networking fairs and guest speakers are regularly organised with the participation of some of the UK’s leading brand names in the fashion, design, media and hospitality industries.


Undertaking a work placement or internship during your studies is a fantastic way to make contacts in the industry and is a great addition to your experience and your CV. LCCA can assist you with finding a placement opportunity during your course. Our Careers Service offers a wealth of placement opportunities and advice. 


LCCA continually works with a host of commercial partners within fashion, photography, media and design both in the UK and internationally, bringing opportunities for students to gain internships. Our Career Services help to place students in these internships, matching skills and aspirations with company requirements. 

To find out more about LCCA’s programmes, internship opportunities, and career placement services, speak to our educational advisors who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

An internship can help you:

  • Apply your classroom learning to real workplace challenges
  • Find original ways of solving contemporary design problems
  • Expand your knowledge, develop practical skills, and increase your confidence as a professional
  • Make contacts who can help accelerate, or even launch, your career
  • Make your CV more attractive to prospective employers 


We are inundated with opportunities to enter and participate in competitions and live briefs with commercial partners. Live briefs are a great opportunity to showcase your talent and build relationships with potential employers. It also ensures that you have exposure to the reality of the commercial world, which will be beneficial when starting your first creative role.


A steady stream of visiting lecturers from across the creative and commercial world ensures that your learning experience is enriched with a variety of different perspectives. This allows LCCA to remain relevant to the needs of the various creative industries which you may move on to after your graduation.


In the heart of London’s creative community our location serves as a fantastic opportunity for current students to gain work placements and internships, and our graduates a high chance of finding employment soon after completing their courses.

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