This month saw the spectacular Four Seasons Fashion Show take over Shoreditch Town Hall, presenting and celebrating the fantastic collections that LCCA graduates have worked so hard to create over the last two years. And what a show it was…

With so many striking styles, it was impossible to pick a single highlight from the catwalk. Each designer had taken elements from personal influences, and then twisted them to create something entirely unique.

With the success of Four Seasons fresh in everyone’s minds, we caught up with some of the designers to find out what they thought of the night, and what their plans are for the future.

Monica Mardare

For Monica, this was not her first time watching her designs presented on the catwalk. However, that didn’t stop her nerves from kicking in on the night.

“This was the second time my work had been on the catwalk, but Four Seasons was better organised and in a better location, as well. It felt quite stressful thinking that my work will be judged by an audience but it really helped that the collection had been presented in a professional manner.”

“I really needed that glass of champagne by the end!” Monica joked.

Monica’s collection was inspired by the Abstract art movement, wildlife and Futurism. She used Photoshop and Illustrator to create animal skin textures and colours which were then printed onto her fabric.

Asked what her next step in the world of fashion will be, Monica revealed her desire to build her portfolio and secure a position as a print designer.

Ashley Kelly Sasu

Unlike Monica, Ashley was seeing her work on the catwalk for the first time at The Four Seasons Fashion Show. Her collection was inspired by leading conceptual fashion brand, Maison Martin Margiela, and minimalism.

“It was the first catwalk of many,” Ashley said, excitedly. “On the night, I had a mixture of emotions; I was excited, nervous, proud, and stressed, all in one. I just wanted everything to be perfect, which it was! It was everything I’ve ever dreamed of. Seeing my designs on the runway was absolutely amazing.”

Talking about her favourite part of the evening, Ashley said: “When all the designers had to come out and walk down the runway at the end, I just thought ‘wow, all the cheers and camera flashes feel so good!’

Ashley plans to carry on designing and hopes to see more of her work on the runway very soon.

Nicola Bacchilega

Having once worked at Jenny Packham and been a frequent visitor to Roberta Graziani’s fashion studio, Italian-born Nicola is no stranger to the fashion industry. This was, however, the most professional show he’d seen his own work displayed at.

“My favourite part of the night was the moment just before the show started – preparing and watching the model, adjusting the styling, that moment was really powerful. It didn’t last long because suddenly the show began. It was just amazing.”

Nicola’s collection was inspired by Sinú artefacts, and ceramics. He loved seeing his garments on the catwalk so much, that he is now aiming sky high for the future.

“My next step in the fashion world is going to be building a website with e-commerce and, of course, I am planning to show my next collection at LFW in a year’s time, for SS17.”

Anja-Anastasja Mallert

After all that hard work and dedication, you could say that Anja-Anastasja was happy to have seen her own designs on the catwalk for the very first time.

“It was an awesome feeling, I felt really proud of myself,” she said, reflecting back on the night of the fashion show. Her favourite part? “I think everyone’s favourite part was when their own clothes were on the catwalk!”

Using black silk and leather, Anja also used clean cuts and straight seams, introducing minimalism to her gothic inspired designs.

Having attended many fashion shows before, Anja was asked how Four Seasons compared. “I have to say, Four Seasons was really nicely organised. It was done in a very professional way.”

Anja is now looking forward to starting the job she has secured in Hamburg, where she will be working as a co-designer.

Leeroy Williams

After spending a decade working in a completely different industry, Leeroy recently made a life-changing career swap in order to follow his dreams, making him another catwalk newcomer.

Inspired by designers such as Donald Judd and Carl Andre, Leeroy’s collection was based on minimalist tailoring. He also drew inspiration from interior designers Hironaka Ogawa and Matt Gibson.

Asked how it felt to see his collection modelled in front of an audience, Leeroy said: “I feel I’ve accomplished my mission as a student as I was selected to show my collection at the fashion show.  To see my clothes on the models in front of an audience made me feel I want to achieve more and it pushes me forward to work within the fashion industry.”

Leeroy plans to continue with his education and also with building his brand, Marcc Williams London, and its image.

To see photos from The Four Seasons Fashion Show, visit the LCCA Facebook page.