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Programme Leader HND and MA Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management
23 Feb - 23 Mar, 2016 ,
We are currently seeking Programme Leader for HND Hospitality and MA Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management to join our academic team. The post requires a dynamic and motivated individual who is an excellent lecture as well as having experience of developing and managing programmes at HND, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


You will ensure that the quality of the teaching in the subject area is first-rate, and be able to show a track record of successfully collaborating with external stakeholders on curriculum design and delivery of programmes.

You will have a relevant research profile, professional achievements and proven expertise in practical aspects of your subject.



  • To act as Programme Leader for HND Hospitality and MA Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management and to undertake the accompanying roles and committee memberships.
  • To provide academic leadership within LCCA, in relation to the ongoing developments of its taught curricula at HND, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  • To promote LCCA courses in the area relevant to the duties and responsibilities of the post and further develop and maintain educational and industrial links associated with these courses, including those necessary for provision of student projects.
  • To oversee the implementation of quality assurance and enhancement activities across the Department.
  • To provide overall leadership for recruitment to taught courses and for the Department’s work with Marketing and Student Recruitment and LCCA Partnerships.
  • To engage in research, development and/or scholarly activity as appropriate, which may include participation in institutional and collaborative research and/or involvement with external institutions and commercial organisations.
  • To advise the Dean of LCCA on resource and personnel issues, and work allocations in relation to delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.
  • Adhere to LCCA Health and Safety Policy and guidelines.
  • Promote Equality and Diversity for staff and students.

To undertake any other duties commensurate with the role and/or as allocated by the Dean of LCCA.



Qualifications & Education:

  • BA
  • MA/MBA


Knowledge, Skills & Training:

  • Skills
  • Lecturing, research,  programme development



  • Developing and delivering programmes at undergraduate and postgarduate levels.
23 Feb - 23 Mar, 2016
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