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The creative industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK and stands as a constant provider of jobs and growth in the economy. Contributing 6% of the country’s GDP and employing over 2 million people, this industry is forecast to play an even bigger role in years to come.

LCCA transforms talented students into passionate graduates who show no fear when it comes to realising their ambitions. Armed with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in such a competitive industry, our graduates are able to step into the working world and pursue their chosen career paths, confident in their abilities to make it to the very top.


We pride ourselves on providing students with a well-balanced educational experience, offering a combination of academic theory and hands-on experience. Lecturers inspire students to acquire sound industry knowledge and progress to apply this to industry work placements. We also place an importance on discussion and reflection in order to develop professionally.


We proactively encourage students to explore any creative and entrepreneurial ideas they may have, guiding them through the development process. Introducing students to the people and resources around them often brings opportunity to successfully enter the world of arts and make their visions a reality.

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