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The Four Seasons Fashion Show
Fashion Show
21 Sep 2015 , 18:30
The 4 Seasons Fashion Show


London College of Contemporary Arts present their first ever fashion graduate show of selected student work. The students are presenting the results of their intensive research and the culmination of the development of their learning and hard work over the past 2 years at LCCA.

The students have pushed themselves supported by a very driven faculty of skilled and passionate tutors to experiment with unexpected materials, challenging the ordinary context of fabrics as well as creating astute, considered and contemporary collections.

The selected student collections are full of individual style representing a variety of influences and themes. These range from minimalism, sports lux, clean lines of architecture, deconstruction to traditional embroidery and historical references translated into modern silhouettes at times utilising printed textiles and surface design. The colours, textures, materials, moods and feelings of different seasons are represented- from autumn/winter to spring/summer, as well as different styles- from minimal tailoring to evening wear, casual luxury and active wear.

The theme of the Graduate catwalk show '4 Seasons' relates to change and the circular nature of the fashion industry and representing in the trans seasonal nature of the collections on show. The collections reflect the fashion industry today, dynamic, innovative, ephemeral and in the midst of constant change with designers taking inspiration from a variety of sources, transforming these into something new and modern, up-cycling and discovering new concepts and ideas. 


Please note: this is a ticketed event on an invite only basis.

21 Sep 2015
Where Shoreditch Town Hall
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