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Propelia Presentation
Guest speaker - recruitment event
16 Jul 2015 , 6:00 PM

Established in 2012, at the heart of what Propelia does, is identify and attract extraordinary leaders - whether individuals or of organisations - who through their own journey and ongoing curiosity are recognised as articulating and creating paths that discover the future of their fields, subject or sectors.  They have got a growing and diverse client list and roster that includes the future of Economics, Science, Investment, Innovation, Community, Culture etc. Of particular note, our first client was the Thought Leader behind launch of the Sharing Economy - now a £9bn emerging global sector.

Each age in transition has its leaders that emerge from the side-lines and learn how to absorb, articulate and integrate the vocabulary of their times. Think the Romantics, the Beats, the Punks. Today, we seem to desperately need leaders of transitions, thresholds and uncertainties, who through their ongoing authority and curiosity are discovering and launching audacious new paths into the edges of their field or sector that take us somewhere new with them.  At Propelia, we call these new leaders 'Propellers'.

This is a unique chance for students to apply to work with Propelia and bring the ideas, insights and leadership of these Propellers to life.

16 Jul 2015
Where LCCA Sheraton House, Cinema Room
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