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Photography Exhibition
12 Feb 2015 ,
LCCA students from the HND photography programme are proud to present their first final major project group exhibition. In this exhibition students collaborate and will present a series of individual works that reflect their styles, knowledge and experience gained over the last two years.

Private viewing: 12 February 18.00 - 21.00

Open to public: 16 - 20 February 18.00 - 21.00


Edward. G. Robinson -The Ad House
In the style of a commercial product photographer, Edward has photographed discarded and preloved objects from previous housemates. Incorporating the personalities of the original owners, he attempts to make them desirable and once again marketable.

Ingrid Talosi - Motherhood
Ingrid aims to be a portrait photographer. In her personal project she is telling an emotional story about the end of her pregnancy and meeting her new born. She would like the viewer to see the beginning of a pure innocent life and the bonding between parent and child.

Florin Enea -The Enclave
The Enclave is a documentary project exploring the alternative life of five female blacksmiths who work in a workshop in the Free Town Christiania in Copenhagen. This project was born from a childhood memory, admiration and thirst for exploration of different cultures.

Felix Xifel - Memories
Raised in a council flat in Sevilla. Felix is now exploring his own memories by photographing London council estates. Through darkness and light and the use of multiple exposures, he represents his personality.

Jacques Tra Tizie - Cyclists Portraits
This project consist of cyclists and their bicycles, the aim is to show those who use their bicycles purely for exercise, recreation and as well those who use their bicycles every day to commute. I have noticed a growing number of cyclists in past couple years, the infrastructures has also improved, cycling lanes, cyclist routes and cyclist links, just to name few. Cycling is part of everyday life in London, but at the same time with this positive improvement lie a sad statistic of rising death rate in cyclist world, especially in London.

Hubert Omanski – Super Powers
Hubert has created a set of portraits manipulated in photo shop showings people’s ‘Super Powers’. It presents ordinary people and their love for different activities. Their skills and devotion are not far from supernatural powers.

Kazmine Combie - Play
Kazmine Combie maintains bright colourful ideas through her imagery, exploring colours and with a variety of outlooks. Through her own personal project her intention is to recreate her own visual portfolio, using product photography and pop art inspiration. Kazmine aims to transfer her playful personality with sweets and toys into a concept with depth.

12 Feb 2015
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