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Oxford Fashion Studio
Guest speaker - Recruitment event
2 Sep 2015 , 2 PM

Alison Brodie - Back Stage Manager and Tiffany Saunders - Creative and Talent Director at Oxford Fashion Studio deliver a presentation about their amazing work and the great career opportunities the studio opened up for LCCA students.

Oxford Fashion Studio produces runway shows exhibiting the work of famous designers such as Alexander McQueen but also that of brilliant emerging designers from around the world. Launches, retail events, photography and arts exhibitions, film screening, networking events and live photoshoots are also part of the studio’s activity.

Upcoming season features glamourous runway shows in New York, London, Paris, Oxford, Los Angeles and Houston. Students were invited to join their team to support the fashion shows in each city and gain a great experience working with the designers, having at the same time an excellent opportunity to develop useful industry contacts.

2 Sep 2015
Where 5 Holborn Campus
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