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Industry Insight - Quintana
19th June 2014

The Importance of Couture Craftsmanship


In 'The Importance of Couture Craftsmanship' the couturier Juan Carlos Quintana will present his passionate vision for preserving the art of couture, looking at the historical techniques still alive in contemporary couture houses today. There will be emphasis on the unique process of creating bespoke clothing in the highest standard of sewing, which distinguish this as an art above other areas of the industry.

Examples from the Quintana collections will be present in order to visualise the inherent beauty of couture.

Juan Carlos Quintana is a talented London based couturier. His genius lies in a combination of his Latin American flair for colour and texture and the level of craftsmanship honed by the tutoring of two Spanish masters from the school of Balenciaga. His education continued while working with major designers in Europe until, with ten years experience, he felt it was time to launch Quintana.

Sheraton House - Soho Campus
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