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Bow Tie Exhibition
11 - 15 May, 2015 ,


Exhibition Opening Night: 12 May, 18:00 – 20:00, The Gallery
Open to public: 11-15 May

The Invisible Man is exhibiting handmade bow ties in a different form and nature. Materials like stone and wood are creating the body of the exhibits, each item has its own personality and choose its owner by shape, colour and  texture.

The tradition of adorning the neck with a knotted piece of fabric dates back to the 17th century. If we look at the bow tie history, its “born” in the 19th century; a modification of its predecessor, the cravat. Around 1880s it had become a staple in the men’s fashion wardrobe.
The inspiration comes from the nature and the both sides of the society (urban and rural) depending on the composition of each bow, but still the predominant material is wood.
A big number of the items are measured, cut, painted and polished manually. Besides the main material I also used stone, concrete, plastic, colouring pencils, coffee beans, paper (quilling technique) and many others.




11 - 15 May, 2015
Where Sheraton House - Soho Campus View on map
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