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Andre Lichtenberg, Brian & Gareth McClave Photography Exhibition
17 - 30 Apr, 2015 , 1-2pm, 5.30 – 8.30m




OPENING TIMES: 1-2pm, 5.30 – 8.30m


André Lichtenberg
Within Series, a project started in 2012, has been inspired by the artist’s early childhood memories of growing up in a large city in South Brazil.
“As a young boy I used to spend lots of time drawing. They were mainly images of buildings, motorway junctions & cityscapes viewed from above with a very realistic sense of parents thought I would be an architect or engineer. I also remember the re-occurrence of electricity power failures: street generators that would temporarily fail, creating a sort of twilight or mini blackout...".

André Lichtenberg was born in Brazil and has spent most of his career in the UK. He has an MA in Photographic Studies and a BSC in Photographic Science. His projects have been exhibited, published and received awards on both sides of the Atlantic.
Within Series is supported by the Arts Council England.


Brian and Gareth McClave
The photographic work of Brian and Gareth McClave represents several years of development of a new photographic process that captures reality in a slow scanning motion across a scene. To do this the brothers developed new software that can take a visual slice through thousands of sequential images of a scene to generate an image that reveals the passing of time as the viewer’s eyes pan across the final photograph from left to right. This is a new twist on the traditional photographic long exposure, whereby the moments of time do not all merge together on top of each other but rather line up in sequence. This offers up the narrative of the scene in the same way as a line of words in a sentence whereby we can gain meaning and insight as we read from left to right across the page.

Brian and Gareth have collaborated on many innovative projects over the years, including
developments in stereoscopic time-lapse and long term time-lapse filming systems. Together they run the UK's largest industrial time-lapse filming company called Site-Eye. They are interested in developing or modifying technology to perform new and engaging visual functions within both an industrial and fine art context.

17 - 30 Apr, 2015
Where The Gallery, Sheraton House
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